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About Splendor Japan

Splendor Japan is for the people who are looking to get inspired in Japan.
We provide exclusive one day program for you, to know authentic Japan and to heighten senses with inspirations.
The key to the inspiration, we believe, is dialogue, and more importantly‘who’ you have dialogue with.
Come and join us to get inspired in Japan!

Our Uniqueness

dialogue and inspiration and insight

Insightful experiences from dialogue with first class experts is what we can offer. Today lots of people from around the world come and visit Japan, and their purposes vary from wanting to experience unique culture, sub culture, cuisine, martial arts and more, and there are tons of tours available. And often, we are asked by our friends overseas where to go, what to do for unique and insightful experiences. It was then we thought of the idea of bringing in ‘dialogue’ with first class professionals to get the insights to heighten senses. Just like what we used to enjoy when we were abroad having dialogue with experts.

Our background

Yukiko and Harumi

Both Yukiko and Harumi, spent some time abroad in their childhood, experienced cultural differences which they enjoyed a lot, obviously not really understanding in-depth, but differences in their eyes looked new and amazing . Later on, when they came across cultural differences as adults, this time, more in depth. Yukiko has lived in Paris as an editor, enjoyed conversations with media and fashion people, and Harumi went on frequent business trips abroad for advertising business enjoyed exchanging ideas with professionals in advertising. To them, all these experiences were inspirational, insightful, and exceptional.

A day with Splendor Japan: (sample)

Each of our program is a half day program. You can choose your favorite program,
or you can combine two programs and make it an original one day program.
Lunch will be provided for one day program only.

schedule sample

Price: JPY60,000(incl. tax) per program.
One day course with 2 programs & lunch will be JPY120,000(incl. tax)
Minimum 2 persons up to 6 persons

Our Programs

The Meiji Jingu Museum
ART / Japanese traditional fine arts

The Meiji Jingu Museum

Navigator : Curator of museum
On October 26, 2019, This museum was just opend in the woodland of Meiji Jingu shrine, designed by Kengo Kuma as his latest Masterpiece. The collection include itmes associated with Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, to whom the shrine is dedicated.
Contemporary Art
ART / Japanese contemporary arts

Contemporary Art

Navigator : Top Expert of contemporary art
Tokyo is one of the world's ultimate art cities. Its art scene is home to one of the most exciting burgeoning contemporary art communities in the world. Several important galleries give you a strong incitement.
Noh Experience
ART / Japanese traditional peforming arts

Noh Experience

Navigator : Noh performer & professor
Noh is the one of traditional Japan’s oldest perofmance arts.Being the oldest form of theatre in Japan, it has not been modified much in the past 600 years. Get the unique chance of learning and experiencing the distinctive movement.
Zojoji Temple
CULTURE / Impportant historical temple

Zojoji Temple

Navigator : Top Expert of religion
Zojoji Temple is an impressive temple complex housing the tombs of six Tokugawa shoguns, traditional Buddhist architecture in the middle of central Tokyo.
Meiji Jingu Shrine
CULTURE / Important historical shrine

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Navigator : Top Expert of religion
Meiji Jingu honors Emperor Meiji, who reigned as Japan went through a period of rapid modernization starting in the second half of the 19th century. A serene and spiritual forest thrives in the center of Tokyo.
Mon-ko (insence ceremony)
CULTURE / Japanese traditional cult of incense-burning

Mon-ko (insence ceremony)

Navigator : Master of Ko-do
The Japanese incense ceremony called Ko-do is refined art that has been handed down for centuries Mon-koh enhances your sensibility and mindfulness toward the fragrance of the incense and its material.

How to apply and payment

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